A wide variety of foods and beverages can be fortified with phytonutrients. Fortification is achieved by adding the phytonutrient in question to the food matrix. Analysis of mass market response shows that though the lay public wants to consume healthy foods, it is always the taste of the fortified food that determines its repeated purchase. Different elements in a food matrix can generate off-flavors individually. The characteristics of phytonutrients intended for food fortification can be improved with encapsulation technology. Spray drying is most commonly used in the food industry to encapsulate polyphenols, probiotics, oils, flavors, essential oils, and other oil-soluble phytonutrients. Ingestion of the fortified food along with vegetable oils improves bioavailability. Enhancement of antioxidant activity has been reported in pasta fortification with oregano leaf, carrot leaf, grape skin and carob flours. The juices were fortified with bergamot juice at 10% or 20%, with or without ascorbic acid and citric acid, two additives normally used in the fruit juice industry.