This chapter focuses on describing and analyzing exploratorily the situation of entrepreneurship in the Spanish context, identifying some gender keys that allow to understand, re-think and act accordingly to alleviate some barriers that condition the professional/vital paths entrepreneurs. Education is one of the three fundamental pillars of the entrepreneurial process and reduces inequalities; in fact, according to the 2016 Gem report, education and training is the main factor to promote entrepreneurship in Spain, and more specifically education in entrepreneurial skills. According to the different groups, 49.4% of the potential entrepreneurs have specific training to undertake, 49.2% of the entrepreneurs in the initial phase, and 43.8% of the entrepreneurs consolidated. Manifest situations that show an unequal starting situation in the entrepreneurship of the women interviewed with respect to their male counterparts, the need arises to integrate a gender perspective in the design and management processes of the entrepreneurial career.