A vigorously evolving and highly interdisciplinary area of research has been the emerging field of block copolymers where much effort has been made to optimize polymer properties to design materials for a specific use. At lower temperatures, most block copolymers undergo a microphase separation to form regular structures. The residual strain of multigraft copolymers is much less than that of linear triblock copolymer analogous, demonstrating superior performance of multigraft copolymers. Binary blends of S-SB-S triblock copolymer with different molecular architectures have been used to study the influence of blend composition and morphology on mechanical properties. Highly miscible binary triblock copolymer blends may be an interesting tool to tailor mechanical properties and to provide interesting property profiles as unique morphologies not observed in the pure block copolymers are created, leading to new materials engineering design of either toughened thermoplastic materials or high strength elastomers.