Database management systems (DBMS) have been an integral part of information technology (IT) and the systems development life cycle since the 1960s. The database, especially the relational database, has received ever-increasing visibility during the past decade due to the mass availability of very cost-effective PC-based DBMSs. The ultimate database design will not only depend on the results of the data analysis activity but also on the choice of DBMS. With the DBMS, information is relatively easy to find, and, with the electronic document management system (EDMS), information content is vast and rich. If one could successfully combine these strengths, then one would have a tool that might meet the expectations of the business community better. The combination of DBMS and EDMS certainly offers advantages over either in stand-alone mode; however, the degree of the advantage can be deceptive. As the marriage between the DBMS and the EDMS evolves further, there may be a new dawn for IT.