Amine can be viewed as a modular integrated development environment (IDE) for symbolic programming, intelligent system programming, and intelligent agents programming.

Amine is a Java open source multi-layer platform, based on Conceptual Graph theory. Amine is a synthesis of 20 years of work done by the author [Kabbaj, 1987, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1999a,b, 2006, Moulin and Kabbaj, 1990,

Kabbaj et al., 1994, Kabbaj and Janta-Polczynski, 2000, Kabbaj et al., 2001] to investigate several aspects of Conceptual Graph theory (see the Chapter by John Sowa in this volume for a historical background about CG theory). This chapter presents an overview of Amine1 and it is organized as follows:

Section 13.2 introduces briefly the architecture of Amine platform. Sections 13.3-13.7 introduce the Ontology/KB layers, the Algebraic layer, the Memorybased inference and learning strategies layer, the Programming layer and the Multi-Agents Systems layer respectively. Section 13.8 specifies briefly how Amine can be used as an IDE for symbolic programming. Section 13.9 illustrates the use of Amine for intelligent system programming. The illustration is done with Natural Language Processing applications. Section 13.10 specifies briefly how Amine can be used for intelligent agents programming and multiagents systems. Section 13.11 provides a comparison of Amine with other CG tools. Section 13.12 outlines some current and future works. Section 13.13 presents a conclusion. Section 13.14 provides a list of some suggested projects.