Given the history of crime scene analysis, it would be ridiculous to state that there is a single absolute methodology associated to the discipline. Over the years, various authors have presented different ideas on how to proceed and all of these ideas have merit. Whatever method is utilized, as the previous chapter discussed, there are basic themes that any methodology must incorporate and it must follow the scientific method. Event Analysis is one methodology that incorporates all of the basic tenets that have been described over the years. Event Analysis consists of seven steps that involve:

1. Collecting data from the scene and evidence. 2. Establishing specific event segments (time snapshots). 3. Establishing which event segments are related to one another. 4. Sequencing related segments, establishing a flow for that Event. 5. Considering all possible sequences, auditing the background evidence when

necessary to resolve contradictions. 6. Based on the Event Segment sequence, final ordering of the Events themselves. 7. Flowcharting the entire incident and validating the sequence.1