Based on a comparative morphological study of more than 250 tephritid species from all over the world, I here redefine the tribe Trypetini as a monophyletic group with two subtribes, Trypetina and Chetostomatina. I proposed this new classification in my Ph.D. dissertation (Han 1992), which is not an available publication for the purposes of zoological nomenclature. However, it has been adopted (sometimes with modifications) by several recent major tephritid publications (Hancock and Drew 1995; Permkam and Hancock 1995; Korneyev 1996; 1998; Wang 1996; Norrbom et al. 1999a, b), and, therefore, it is imperative to publish formally the justifications for this classification. Discussions in this chapter are largely based on my dissertation, with some modifications based on subsequent information.