The results of investigations into the erosion-abrasion resistance according to CAD-AC 63–80 test method of over 1–year–old SFRC specimens are discussed in the paper. Nine mix proportions were used. The w/c ratios were varied from 0.3 0 to 0.65. The volumetric percentage of hooked steel fibres were varied from 0.25 to 2.0 vol.% at the w/c of 0.30 and at the others the guantity of fibres was constant. In addition, mixes without fibres were made at each w/c.

The loss of mass was measured every 12 hrs up to 72 hrs. After a period of time the same specimen was exposed to the erosion-abrasion loading again up to the next 72 hrs. This cycle of 72 hrs was repeated four times.

Performance of long-term loaded concrete is described in more detail with a coefficient of erosion-abrasion loss according to time Ltc.

The experimental results obtained show that the long-term erosion-abrasion resistance of SFRC is improved more by an increase in the volumetric percentage of low hardness steel fibres and by an increase in guality bonds between fibres and cement paste.