We have developed novel integrated data acquisition systems for cost effective field studies of water quality in mixing zones. Wastewater disposal systems are designed to meet minimum dilution requirements within a regulatory mixing zone, a limited region around the discharge structure where the initial dilution occurs. We have created new site-scale remote sensing techniques to gather mixing zone water quality monitoring data. In conjunction with our CORMIX software for mixing zone hydrodynamic simulation, we provide comprehensive analysis of point source mixing zones for infrastructure maintenance and regulatory compliance. We have developed new methods to assess diffuser infrastructure physical condition using various remote sensing technologies. Our patent-pending aerial remote sensing platform monitors spatial water quality parameters in real time to provide assessment of outfall physical condition. We have also developed a software application for a hand-held field computer to collect GPS-tagged data on stream cross-section, velocity, and water quality parameters collected by dipping sensors. Our approach integrates hydrodynamic simulation and sensor networks to provide advanced information technology on wastewater disposal infrastructure to designers, consultants, regulators, facility managers, and maintenance crews.