This paper presents an experimental investigation on the effect of bed slope and density current discharge on water entrainment. The experiments were carried out in a rectangular flume, 8m long, 70 cm high and 35 cm wide with four density current discharges within a range of 0.5–1.4 lit/s and seven slopes from 1% to 4%. Two concentrations of density currents, namely 20 gr/lit and 40 gr/lit were provided using a solution of water and salt. The entrainment rates were measured using density current velocity and unit discharges along the flume. Velocities were measured using acoustic speedometer DOP2000. Depth of flow and the head velocity of density current were also measured. The results showed that the water entrainment rates were increased by increasing both the bed slope and density current discharges. Since the Richardson Number can be related to water entrainment rate, an equation was also developed using the data measured in this study and other values collected by other researches.