In Egypt, the marine oil spill events have occurred more frequently in recent Years. For instance, collision between M/T Ra-Atum VI and M/T Ocean Whale near Damieta port has been occurred in 2007. This collision resulted in damage to cargo tanks, oil was sighted overboard the vessel, slick extending 1 NM towards the SE direction. Tanks gauged: about 1,000 tons of oil were lost. This paper applied OILMAP, a commercial software developed by the Applied Science Associates, USA, to simulate the scenarios of the oil spill event at Damietta Port. We tried to reconstruct the possible evolution of oil after it spilled into the sea and approach to the shore. Results show that the most spilled oil was distributed over the coast of Manzala lake. Hence, the simulated results can be used as a guide for a decision-maker tthat will take immediate action to combat the incident.