The UK Ministry of Defence has, in recent years, begun to adapt its acquisition processes to promote staged introduction of capability. Any particular acquisition may be entered into service as an Initial Operating Capability (IOC) to provide for immediate operational needs. This IOC would usually be the planned first phase of a series of capability increases to the system until Full Operating Capability (FOC) is achieved. This complements the Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) system that specifically caters for immediate in-theatre needs. Both UORs and staged capability introduction require the implementation of a Human Factors Integration (HFI) process to ensure that human-related issues are addressed during acquisition. HFI has been the subject of much discussion and research, and those activities that have focussed on the management and planning processes have generally been concentrated on ensuring better integration of HFI with other system design and manufacture disciplines (Bruseberg, 2008, 2009, Bruseberg & Linsell, 2006).