In rising to social, demographic and economic change, the devolution of hospital treatments into community settings continues to gain momentum (Darzi, 2006). In 2009, NHS East Riding of Yorkshire (NHS ERY) introduced Neighbourhood Care Teams (NCTs) to provide an integrated care service that responded to the complex healthcare needs of older patients by delivering planned treatments in the comfort of their own homes. Whilst new organizational structures have been specially developed, no dedicated equipment exists to support community matrons working in this challenging and inconsistent healthcare setting. To support this paradigm shift, new ways of working and new types of equipment are necessary as nursing bags are now perceived to be unfit for purpose: 21st century professionals using 20th equipment (Kitzman et al, 2002; Bakunas-Kenneley et al, 2009). A key objective of the study is to co-design a world-class nursing bag to the benefit of NHS commissioners, healthcare professionals and patients.