Manual handling training has always been difficult to teach. Research shows that classroom training for practical skills is ineffective and therefore alternative methods are needed to ensure the safety of staff and patients alike (Work and Health Research Centre 2007: White J. and Gray H. 2004). The workshop will encourage individuals to suggest alternative teaching methods and will explain how the author has introduced a new method of competency based training within the workplace.

The new system has been adapted to incorporate both inanimate and animate handling. It was started in August 10 and has evolved from that time. The process commenced by consulting staff on what they required and then developing a competency workbook for them to complete. This workbook has core competencies including animate/inanimate loads and equipment that is standard within the Trust. Each area identifies those sections relevant to them and completes only those parts. The workbooks are used as a passport that stays with them during their employment and can be transferred from area to area as needed.