This chapter focuses on Community Considerations which is essentially a condensed version of Institute of Electric and Electronics Engineers Standard 1127–1998. Community acceptance generally encompasses the planning, design, and construction phases of a substation as well as the in-service operation of the substation. The substation site may need potable water and sewage disposal facilities. Aesthetics play a major role where community acceptance of a substation is an issue. When attractive landscaping, decorative fences, enclosures, and colors have been used to enhance the appearance of a highly visible substation, it may also be appropriate to use lighting to highlight some of the features at night. A site rendering was an artist’s sketch, drawing, painting, or photomontage with airbrush retouching, preferably in color, and as accurate and realistic as possible. Total enclosure of a substation within a building is an option in urban settings where underground cables are used as supply and feeder lines.