Hospital care changes in the wake of social and technical developments. When a hospital is renewing buildings, in-house logistics or ICT as an adaption to the changing environment, it is faced with a demand for care that is more humancentered as well as the necessity to save costs In facing these challenges, including hospital staff in the re-design of the work organization has two advantages. First, the staff has valuable experience with everyday care that will help to create a new situation that is workable. Second, the consultation of the staff and serious efforts to co-design a new work organization will increase staff commitment. In this paper we present the application of tools for co-design in a large health-care project. The project is performed in a hospital that will move to a completely new building. It involves the redesign of work organization concepts for nurses with regard to ICT, ward communication, supply logistics, catering and visiting policies for the general wards. Four co-design workshops on different redesign aspects were set up. The center-piece of the workshops are scenario based design games that promote an overview of complete care processes. In this paper the workshops are described and evaluated concerning their applicability to develop work organization concepts, elicit requirements for related products and systems and to be reproduced in future work organization re-design. The chosen set-up enabled participants to generate new situations and walkthrough imaginative work processes and thereby address work organization related problems.