Healthcare using clinical-pathway(CP) is a knowledge-intensive service by collaboration work of inter-professionals. Clinical-pathways(CPs) are using by many healthcare team-work as a tool for performing the healthcare process, sharing and utilizing knowledge by each professional. Aim of this paper is construction of theoretical model to knowledge management(KM) of healthcare team-work with CPs. The model was constructed by case study which uses CPs actively in the healthcare process by collaboration team-work of inter-professionals. Theoretical model implications are as follows. First, this model provides patients with individual care by CP. Second, patients are comprised in the healthcare team-work members with this model. Third, this model consists of four phases, “Integrating,” “Implementing,” “Expressing,” “Evaluating.” At each phase, useful knowledge to CP is created by the interaction between different knowledge. Fourth, this dynamic model produces CP as unified knowledge from diverse knowledge. Therefore, this model indicates evolution of integrated knowledge in healthcare team-work (include

and other staff (Coffey, 2005). However, in the healthcare process using CPs, it is difficult to respond to patients’ individuality (Shi, 2008).