The genus Prunus comprises more domesticated species of temperate fruits than any other genera, e.g., Malus, Pyrus, Sorbus, Cydonia, Rubus, and Fragaria, of the family Rosaceae. Many species and cultivars are grown for their edible fruits, while others are planted for their ornamental values. Stone fruits are appreciated worldwide either for fresh consumption, or in the processing industry: drying, distillation, canning and production of jams, syrups and fruit juices (Druart and Gruselle 1986). The range of

1Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias, Apartado Ofi cial 46113 Moncada, Valencia, Spain. *Corresponding author: badenes_mlu@gva.es

species and their different uses resulted in a wide range of traits that need to be improved in order to meet the demands of the industry, growers or consumers.