Using thermal energy to treat human neoplasms in clinics has a long history. It was reported that approximately ve thousand years ago, physicians in Egypt used cautery with heated implements to destroy tumors [1]. In the past two decades, high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) has been developed noninvasively to treat patients with solid tumors. It provides a thermal ablation for the precise and complete destruction of entire tumors in a three-dimension conformal fashion, with almost no limitation of tumor size and shape. is thermal therapy is attractive to both patients and physicians due to being less invasive with no incision, less scarring, cheap, less pain, and short recovery time. ese technological advances result in an associated reduction in mortality, morbidity, hospital stay, and cost, and improved quality of life for cancer patients, initiating a

change from open surgery toward less invasive techniques in the treatment of tumors [2-5].