Henan Tianguan Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. (referred to here as “Tianguan Group”) was founded in 1939. The company is China’s oldest and most representative ethanol production company, one of 520 key national enterprises, one of the five designated fuel ethanol manufacturers, the only enterprise entered into the national recycling economic test point in the industry, and the country’s main enterprise of new energy and high-tech industry base in Nanyang city. Tianguan Group has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, eight subsidiaries and four equity sub-

sidiaries. The enterprise has China’s largest fuel ethanol production capability with an annual output of 500,000 tonnes and the largest gluten production line in the world with an annual output of 70,000 tonnes. At the same time, it has Asia’s largest industrial biogas project with an annual output of 150 million cubic meters, and presently it is China’s only enterprise, which owns a production line with three bio-energy products: fuel ethanol, industrial gas and bio-diesel. The sales income of Tianguan Group in 2010 is 5 billionYuan. Tianguan Group has constructed some high-level innovation platforms, including a state-level

enterprise technical center and the joint center of national biomass fuel technologies. Meanwhile it is planning to build a state key laboratory on vehicle biomass fuel technology with a biomass fuel research and development platform, which represents China’s highest level. Besides, the national Fuel Ethanol Standardization Technical Committee Secretariat is located

in Tianguan Group. The Commission is the drafting institution of China’s fuel ethanol production and technical standards.