Np Number of pressures: Np = |P|. pi Element of the P vector: i ∈ {1, …, Np}. R Vector of receptors. Nr Number of receptors: Nr = |R|. ri Element of the R vector: i ∈ {1, …, Nr}. O Vector of the outcomes. oi Outcome of the activity Ai. For activities that are energy sources,

it is the energy (in TOE) produced in 1 year by a plant of 1 MW. To Total outcome of the regional plan. It is the sum of the outcomes of

the single activities. M Matrix dening the relation between activities and pressures. mji Element of the matrix M. Dependency of activity ai on pressure pj. D Matrix dening the dependency between primary and secondary

activities. dij Element of the matrix D. It measures the dependency of (second-

ary) activity aj on (primary) activity ai. N Matrix dening the relation between pressures and receptors. nji Element of the matrix N . It is the eect of pressure pi on receptor rj. C Vector of costs: |C| = Na. ci Element of the C vector. Unit cost of activity ai. AP Set of the indexes of the primary activities; if i ∈ AP, then Ai is a

primary activity. AS Set of indexes of the secondary activities; if i ∈ AS, then Ai is a sec-

ondary activity. APren Set of indexes of those primary activities that provide renewable

energy. G Vector of magnitudes. B Total available budget. Ui Maximum energy that can be produced by energy source ai in the

Region. Li Minimum energy that must be produced by energy source ai in the

Region. Fi Minimum fraction (percentage) of energy that should be produced

by energy source ai in the Region.