Cobquecura is a little town (570 km2) of 1.500 inhabitants, located in the south of Chile at the beginning of the Bío-bío Region (lat. 36º8′ south, long. 72º49′ west), between the foothills of the Cordillera de la Costa and the Pacific Ocean, in a small valley crossed by the river of the same name. The Bío-bío Region is one of the five regions that formes the Chilean “Central Valley”, a rich and fertile valley between the Cordillera de Los Andes at east and the Cordillera de la Costa at west, along the Pacific Ocean, characterized for being a great rural zone, where good climate makes possible the production of wheat, cattle, fruits and the best Chilean wine, and where rural earthen architecture has its maximum expression. This was also the area where the Spanish conquest of the Chilean territory was concentrated, and still nowadays it’s possible to see the Colonialism legacy in the architecture of hundreds rural towns with great identity.