In 1998, the ministry of education promulgated the specialty catalogue and introduction of common colleges and universities, “information and computing science” specialty is listed as a new class of mathematics. At the same time, the ministry of education promulgated in 2012 for more than 2 years after the revision of specialty catalog and introduction of regular institutions of higher education, Clarified the information and computing science specialty in information technology, computing, operations research and mathematical foundations of control technology for the study of science majors, its main task is to study “at the core of information technology and using modern computational tools efficiently to solve the mathematical theories and methods of science and engineering”. Obviously, such professional orientation and “computer science” is a difference professional, specialty information science and scientific computing as the core direction. Information science should be understood as “the information acquisition, information transmission, information processing and information control based on science”, to understand this for setting information and calculation science specialized training goal and curriculum has important significance. The country set up the major of information and computation science school grew from 101 in 2001 to 500 now more than. In recent years, with the increasing number of enrollment, the profession is currently one of the largest professional national professional college of science. The specialty

of information and computing science is developing so fast, the enrollment scale is so large, the letter of development professional opportunities, more is a challenge, how to run this one major, as many believe professional workers must seriously consider the issue.