Fast fashion retailers can achieve superior shop floor performance through deployment of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags at item level. Some of the key benefits of RFID adoption are reduced stock out, reduced labour cost, reduced inventory cost, enhanced visibility, and increased customer satisfaction. This paper aims to examine how fast fashion retailers can adopt RFID to achieve overall business excellence through value added-customer centric approach. The paper gives a better understanding of potential benefits of RFID deployment for fast fashion retailers by presenting retail marketing mix model. This paper offers a conceptual framework for identifying business value added for a fast fashion retailer upon the RFID deployment and formulates a list of propositions, which form the broad basis of an empirical research agenda. The paper provides an evaluation framework for net profit after tax (NOPAT), return on investment (ROI) and economy value added (EVA) measurement for RFID initiatives by fast fashion retailers. Future research may be directed to calculate EVA of such investment in RFID by fast fashion retailers.