The quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) mapper is the source of the transmit signals and defines the level of transmit energy. The output energy of spotbeamforming and SISO configurations has been boosted by 3 dB to make the comparison more clear, as each configuration only has one QAM mapper. The cumulative distribution frequency (CDF) of the radiation compared to single-input single-output (SISO) with the same channel and frequency. To obtain this CDF, all possible precoding vectors of one-stream beamforming were used. The electromagnetic interference (EMI) information has to be quite accurate and the beamforming angles are usually quantised to a set of certain values. To investigate the potential of EMI -friendly beamforming and corresponding SNR gain, the algorithm earlier is applied to all available EMI and corresponding S21 measurements.The transfer functions to other modems on the network might also give an indication of the beamforming to mitigate EMI.