I have lived in New York City (NYC) all my life-for 70 years and counting-and have had many encounters with the police as a citizen of the city going about my business and as a professional carrying out my duties. Most, though not all, encounters were decidedly negative. They involved officers

9.1 In the Beginning 191 9.1.1 Charlie 192 9.1.2 Freddie and the Triboro Bridge 193

9.2 The Correctional Association 194 9.3 Police Reform Organizing Project 195

9.3.1 Fundamental Organizing/ Advocacy Tenets 195 Core Principles 195 Winability 196 Hope, Its Central Importance 196 Framing the Issue 197 Building a Diverse Coalition 198 Emphasizing Action 199 Educating Voters and Pressuring Policy Makers 200 Preparing Interesting, Informative Literature 200 Working the Media 203 Organizing and Promoting Public Forums 204 Reaching Out to the Community 205 Highlighting the Human Impact 206

9.4 Conclusion 208 References 210

who were rude, irresponsible, or physically aggressive. Four incidents stand out, all part of my professional experiences over time.