Cocoa epitomizes one of the commodities with a most complex supply chain. is is due to the need for postharvest processing in the country of origin prior to industrial transformation into a variety of commercial products. e postharvest processing, consisting of cocoa bean fermentation and drying (as addressed in previous chapters), has a pivotal role in the value chain as it determines the range of subsequent cocoa bean applications. Cocoa bean batches that have not undergone fermentation or that have been poorly fermented are unsuitable for the manufacture of cocoa powder and chocolate, and can only be used for fat extraction. us, the progression of “commercial cocoa beans” (i.e., beans that have undergone some kind of postharvest processing prior to trading) in the chain depends on their score on selected quality traits, ultimately determining farmers’ remuneration. In addition to quality parameters, the industrial requirement of assuring consumer health adds a dimension of safety to the global evaluation of commercial cocoa beans.