As technology becomes more integrated into society, criminal activity in cyberspace has become more complex in regard to technique, methods of concealment, and types of targets. The techniques used to commit and conceal cybercrimes have become significantly more multifaceted and difficult to detect. While intruders from outside the organization use more readily detectable methods to gain access and acquire internal information, insiders to the organization, whether willingly or unknowingly, often use different

Introduction 105 Objective 106 Challenges in Reporting 106 Challenges in Research and Demonstration 107 Simple Aspects of Research and Demonstration 108 Reported Cases of Intrusion without Immediate Detection 108 Simple Vector Attacks 109

College Students’ Objectives 109 Methods Demonstrated 110 Egress of Stolen Information 111 Previous Field Research 111 Wireless Attack Vector Using USB Connected Devices 112 Wired Attack Vector Using Dark Network Technology 113 Challenges in Compromising Systems 114

Results 115 Discussion 115 Acknowledgments 115 References 116

techniques. Once unauthorized access to internal databases has been accomplished and the intellectual property has been breached or stolen, egress of it is much more multifaceted. This chapter includes a focus on the methods used to conceal the theft of intellectual property used to commit electronicbased espionage.