With the increasing urbanization, industrialization, and advancement of science and technology, traversing long distances has become the order of the day. Many in urban areas have to travel hundreds of kilometers to reach their place of work. Faster modes of transport are being introduced to minimize traveling

Introduction 261 Focus of the Study 262 Road Safety in India 263 Causes of Road Accidents 265 General Characteristics of Indian Traffic 266 Road Safety Legislation 267 Hyderabad Metropolis 267

Demographical Growth 268 Vehicular Growth 271 Heavy Traffic Volume Locations in the City 274 Method Adopted to Reduce Traffic Volume 274 Road Accidents in Hyderabad Metropolis 275 Police in Road Traffic Safety 276

Traffic 278 Traffic Violations 278 Strategies Adopted by the Police 279 Disproportionate Increase in Vehicle and Police Strength 280 Police Perception 281 Road Users Perception 282

Conclusion 282 Suggestions 283 References 284

time. The automobile industry is in a race to produce vehicles that will be able to cover distances in short period. Most people in urban areas prefer to possess either two-or four-wheel vehicles. Besides, being a necessity, a car has become a status symbol in India. During the past decade, there has been tremendous increase in the production of vehicles, especially of four-wheelers. Although this increase has helped urban dwellers to overcome many of commutation problems, at the same time, it has been creating serious problems of safety on the road. Of all the systems that people have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, road transport is the most complex and the most unsafe mode of transportation.