The cost of photographic equipment is always a concern for both photographers and the agencies they work for. Many times, the type of camera carried by an individual investigator is based solely upon what the department or agency has issued or what the individual can afford. One word of warning, an expensive camera does not necessarily guarantee a quality end product. A photographer using a very expensive single-lens reflex (SLR) camera, but only knowing how to photograph in an automatic mode, may not be able to produce images any better than someone capturing images with a point-and-shoot style of camera. On the other hand, a skilled and knowledgeable crime scene photographer can work with an older, fully manual film camera and capture outstanding and accurate photographic images that have the capability of leaving a positive and lasting impression with the viewer. There are ways to help reduce the cost of expensive accessories with a little creative thinking. Creativity and artistry are not just a compositional issue occurring at the crime scene but can also be part of the planning and preparation process prior to arrival at the scene.