Big Data as quickly as possible create new challenges for both scientists and analytics. However, high-performance computing (HPC) technologies still lack the tool sets that t the current growth of data. In this case, new paradigms and storage tools were integrated with HPC to deal with the current challenges related to data management. Some of these technologies include providing computing as a utility (cloud computing) and introducing new parallel and distributed paradigms. Recently, cloud computing has played an important role as it provides organizations with the ability to analyze and store data economically and eciently. For example, performing HPC in the cloud was introduced as data has started to be migrated and managed in the cloud. For example, Digital Communications Inc. (DCI) stated that by 2020, a signicant portion of digital data will be managed in the cloud, and even if a byte in the digital universe is not stored in the cloud, it will pass, at some point, through the cloud [6].