ABSTRACT is chapter describes a unied framework for dynamically integrating and meaningfully organizing personal and social Big Data. With the rapid development of emerging computing paradigms, we have been continuously experiencing a change in work, life, playing, and learning in the highly developed information society, which is a kind of seamless integration of the real physical world and cyber digital space. More and more people have been accustomed to sharing their personal contents across the social networks due to the high accessibility of social media along with the increasingly widespread adoption of wireless mobile computing devices. Usergenerated information has spread more widely and quickly and provided people with opportunities to obtain more knowledge and information than ever before, which

CONTENTS 13.1 Introduction 242 13.2 Overview of Related Work 243 13.3 Organic Stream: Denitions and Organizations 245

13.3.1 Metaphors and Graph Model 245 13.3.2 Denition of Organic Stream 246 13.3.3 Organization of Social Streams 248

13.4 Experimental Result and Analysis 250 13.4.1 Functional Modules 250 13.4.2 Experiment Analysis 250

13.5 Summary 252 References 253

leads to an explosive increase of data scale, containing big potential value for individual, business, domestic, and national economy development. Thus, it has become an increasingly important issue to sustainably manage and utilize personal Big Data, in order to mine useful insight and real value to better support information seeking and knowledge discovery. To deal with this situation in the Big Data era, a unied approach to aggregation and integration of personal Big Data from life logs in accordance with individual needs is considered essential and eective, which can benet the sustainable information sharing and utilization process in the social networking environment. In this chapter, a new concept of organic stream, which is designed as a exibly extensible data carrier, is introduced and dened to provide a simple but ecient means to formulate, organize, and represent personal Big Data. As an abstract data type, organic streams can be regarded as a logic metaphor, which aims to meaningfully process the raw stream data into an associatively and methodically organized form, but no concrete implementation for physical data structure and storage is dened. Under the conceptual model of organic streams, a heuristic method is proposed and applied to extract diversied individual needs from the tremendous amount of social stream data through social media. And an integrated mechanism is developed to aggregate and integrate the relevant data together based on individual needs in a meaningful way, in which personal data can be physically stored and distributed in private personal clouds and logically represented and processed by a set of newly introduced metaphors named heuristic stone, associative drop, and associative ripple. e architecture of the system with the foundational modules is described, and the prototype implementation with the experiment’s result is presented to demonstrate the usability and eectiveness of the framework and system.