Bibere vinum suae regionis [2], to drink wine from one’s own region, is an attempt to match the neologism ‘locavore’, local eater/local eating, with one for local drinker/drinking. In 2005, Olivia Wu (2005), staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, reported that three women had begun calling themselves locavores. Locavore was the New American Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for 2007, ascribing invention of the term to Jessica Prentice (OUP Blog, 2006-2013). Locavore comes from the Latin roots of local (locus) and eating (vorare). But food enthusiasts don’t always include wine in their sense of the local. Below, we discuss an Australian example of this. To drink is bibere; I drink bibo. Bibendum is the gerund, drinking. We could suggest locabibo, locabibere or locabiber for local drinker/drinking.