Which of the following two titles did the author(s) of the journal article or book actually use: (A) Client-Hairdresser Conversations in the Beauty Salon Industry in Metropolitan Regions of Turkey or (B) How Marketplace Performances Produce Interdependent Status Games and Contested Forms of Symbolic Capital (U-¨ stüner and Thompson, 2012)? Here are two additional titles to select one from: (A) Meetings and Pastimes of Young Male Friends in the North End of Boston or (B) Street Corner Society (Whyte, 1943). This chapter offers a primer on writing titles and relating the scholarly content of your academic paper to contribute original theory to a discipline and get your paper accepted for publication. The chapter offers tenets-sets of helpful rules for writing titles and paper content-for increasing readers’ interest and editors’ acceptances of authors’ paper submissions for publication in SSCI journals.