Policies 44 The Submitted File Format Is Wrong 44 Authors Submit Partially Published Work or Work under Consideration 44 Infringing Copyright Materials 45 Leaving the Author(s) Information on the Submitted Paper 45 Authors Ignore the Journal’s Instructions/ Guidelines Posted on the Journal’s Website 46

Manuscript Guidelines 46 Overlooking the Manuscript’s Guidelines 46

Level 2: Reviewer Assignment 48 Step 1 48 Step 2 48

Missing Text about How the Paper Is Organized 48 The Study Design 49

Level 3: The Preliminary Decision 50 Level 4: The Final Decision 51

Change in Authorship 51 Final Remarks 51

This chapter discusses some of the most common mistakes authors make in positioning their papers for submission to a journal for possible publication. Methods of minimizing these mistakes are discussed. Authors are provided with useful suggestions to make their papers suitable enough to (1) pass the screening process by the screening committee so it will advance to the review process and (2) make it easier for reviewers to review and provide their assessment/ feedback to authors.