This chapter provides an overview of publishing in technology and innovation management (TIM) journals, specifically why scholars should be interested in such outlets, and how they might improve their chances of success. Scholars are often under pressure to publish in narrowly defined journal lists, many of which do not recognize TIM journals. At the same time there has been a significant increase in submissions to TIM journals, resulting in disappointingly high rejection rates. Part of this increase in submissions may be attributed to the importance of the topic, as well as an overall increased need for scholars from a wider range of countries to publish in credible outlets. I first compare TIM journals with those on commonly used quality lists, followed by some obvious and not so obvious reasons why papers are desk-rejected or do not pass the review process, specifically shedding light on the authors’, editors’, and reviewers’ perspectives. I conclude by suggesting that publishing should be regarded as

Introduction 53 Overview of Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) Journals 56 How to Improve Your Chance of Publication 61 Conclusions 64 Acknowledgments 66 References 66

a “discourse community,” composed of authors, reviewers, and editors whose goals and objectives, although varying, are consistent and mutually understood.