Abstract Recently, governments have started sharing a large volume of public data sets on the Web. However, to enable full reuse of the data and meet semantic interoperability requirements, it is crucial to provide them in a standard and machine-readable form, with possible interlinks directly exposed. This is a feasible way to foster the valorization of public sector information. In the context of the Italian Interoperability Framework, a linked data cloud, named SPCData (https://spcdata.digitpa.gov.it), is gathering the attention of European Union functionaries, public administrations, (linked) open data practitioners, enterprises, and start-ups. These stakeholders identify SPCData as an open laboratory where a set of best practices takes place, demonstration services are showed, and highvaluable data are exposed to end-users. SPCData comprises several data sets (e.g., the National Public Administration Registry, contract data, and classifications) and a relevant amount of external links to form a linked data cloud within the Italian public administration. This chapter aims at giving a broad overview of SPCData project and of the initiatives that derived from it, including the development of three private sector applications. SPCData opens future perspectives in the Italian context of data management within the public administration.