Tropicalia is a luxury tourism development, to be built in the North-Eastern region of Dominican Republic (DR). The project promoter is Cisneros, a family business conglomerate, which has a tradition of corporate social responsibility initiatives in Latin America. Cisneros aspires to position Tropicalia as a model for sustainable tourism with a master plan of developing not only an environmentally sound hospitality structure, but a whole sustainable tourism destination in Miches, a town in El Seibo Province in Dominican Republic. The project is conceived as a multiphase development over 30 years, expecting the opening of the first resort after 2018. In 2008, its foundation, Fundación Tropicalia (FT) was created, with the mission to design and implement community programs for stakeholders in Tropicalia’s sphere of influence. Its sustainability model comprises four main initiatives: educational, well-being and culture, environmental and productivity. All of them are aimed to favor the interaction with a wide range of stakeholders, among which Miches community and potential suppliers in Tropicalia value chain. The overall Tropicalia’s sustainability approach is guided by the ten UN Global Compact principles and the concept of shared value creation.