According to the relevant survey data, the process of students acquiring knowledge is that students acquire

and discover knowledge independently, rather than passive learning in the classroom. Students are able to acquire knowledge only if the brain is involved in the interaction of knowledge. Through the creation of relevant context, visual simulation technology makes students to participate in the Business English learning, accomplish learning tasks through interactive learning thinking. And trade English language learning is mainly applied to the actual communicative activities, students conduct foreign trade through the creation of language in the context of the exchange of learning, improve their practical ability to use trade language. Through the professional language teaching situation, visual simulation technology makes students to conduct interactive learning in the context, master foreign language system, understand the latest developments of the knowledge of foreign languages and foreign trade language more deeply. In the context of students through interactive learning, increasing their exposure to trade foreign language, enriched trade foreign language learning content. By visual simulation technology trade language materials transformed into a virtual sound and image information converted from unity to acquire knowledge multifaceted way for three-dimensional way transmission of knowledge, students in English learning situations with visual and auditory comprehensive experience in foreign trade English knowledge, to acquire knowledge of the characteristics of foreign trade English, improve motivation to learn, improving the overall quality of teaching.