The content of the Power System Relay Protection course is abstract complex, and traditional teaching methods cannot meet the requirements. The relay device teaching of Power System Relay Protection course mainly describes the various types and characteristics of the relay, operation principle, and so on. This part of the contents of the current teaching method is mainly used in multimedia-assisted teaching, by collecting a variety of images to improve the students’ interest and enhance the impression, but these pictures are flat static rather than a dynamic diagram as shown in the figure. Students can only understand their process of action from the books introduction. The principle of relay protection is explained by its wiring diagram. These part contents are abstract. Most of the existing materials keep on repeating at great length on relay protection principle of text introduction; they are boring, and it is difficult to understand some action process. Some of the

students cannot understand the principle of the relay protection until the course end; all hope to recite the question bank to cope with examinations, completely out of the original intention of teaching.