As Nigeria is the new largest economy in Africa, it is appropriate to use case examples from Nigeria to illustrate the potentials for Africa-USA technology  and industrialization interactions. While on assignment for the United Nations Development Program in the mid-1990s, the author had the privilege of working with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Industry in Abuja, Nigeria. There, he witnessed and participated in several industrialization initiatives. His specific assignment was to develop operational guidelines for the Industrial Development Centers (IDCs) located in every state of the country. A key part of his responsibilities for the IDCs was to explore technology transfer initiatives that could benefit the country’s industrial establishments. The accounts presented here are based on Sahel (1992). The accounts confirm that there is no shortage of laudable planning in developing countries. The problems are often that of sustainable implementation of the plans. This issue points to the need for new management approaches to national planning schemes. It is hoped that the contents of this book can steer policy makers, decision makers, leaders, practitioners, portfolio managers, and entrepreneurs into the right direction of better management of technology transfer engagements.