Marine-based therapies have been globally valued for centuries for nutraceutical benets and to soothe, beautify, and rejuvenate human skin. Yet, until fairly recently, their bioactive compounds, nutraceutical properties, and commercial cosmeceutical and medical potential remained relatively undiscovered. The potential bioactive chemical treasure-trove in our oceans has yet to be fully explored and researched. Many biomarine active chemicals have probably developed by random mutations due to adapting to harsh underwater environmental conditions.1,2

Attributes of cosmeceutical applications of biomarine actives range from increasing antioxidant activity,3 boosting immunity,4 and improving cell matrix conguration5 to increasing anti-inammatory activity.3,4 These are activities that synergistically work toward boosting skin metabolism and aiding with broblast and elastin production, ultimately resulting in wrinkle reduction and skin smoothing.