Waste management is a big issue nowadays as wastes are being generated in an ever-increasing rate by growing affluent societies. The recovery of energy from the waste materials may be done through thermochemical processes like combustion, gasification, and pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is a thermochemical process in which hydrocarbon rich solid or liquid feed materials are thermally degraded to char, volatile liquid, and noncondensable gaseous component in absence of oxidizing media either air or oxygen. Pyrolysis of newspaper sample proceeds through complex reactions in series, parallel, or combination of both. The empirical formulas of pyroproducts obtained at different pyrolysis temperatures. The FT-IR spectra of pyro-oils obtained at different temperatures from pyrolysis of newspaper waste feedstock are provided. The effects of pyrolysis temperature on higher heating value and ratio of H/C of pyro-oil and char have been discussed. These properties of the pyrolysis products can be used as fundamental data for the design of a pyrolysis process for biomass wastes.