Pyrolysis is a thermal process that heats and decomposes a substance in an environment from which oxygen is excluded. It can be used as a thermal conversion technique for hydrocarbon wastes, where the waste materials are cracked to produce hydrocarbon oils, gases, and char. Microwave heating is classified as an electric volumetric heating method. Other heating methods in this category include conduction and induction heating operating at frequency ranges of 0—6 Hz and 50 Hz—30 kHz, respectively; these heating methods were performed by passing a current through the workload to induce electric power heating. Microwave heating combined with the use of carbon material has been applied in the processing and treatment of certain materials. Microwave heating is currently employed for energy transfer in various industrial, technological and scientific processes and applications. Industrial microwave heating systems have been developed for a variety of applications in food industry, e.g., continuous baking, vacuum drying, tempering and thawing, pasteurisation, and sterilisation.