TEAM-BASED LEARNING™ AND EDUCATIONAL BEST PRACTICE: AN OVERVIEW Team-Based Learning™ (TBL) is a specifi c and intensive form of small group-based learning (described in more detail later in this chapter) in which (a) the majority of class time involves students working in permanent, strategically formed teams; (b) concept coverage is achieved through students’ pre-class individual self-study followed by an in-class Readiness Assurance Process that involves both individual and team tests; (c) the majority of class time is used for team assignments through which students help one another learn course material at an applied level; and (d) students are accountable to one another through the use of a peer-assessment and feedback process. Furthermore, TBL’s unique sequence of individual and team activities, as well as its feedback rhythm and incentive structures, promote groups to evolve from collections of individuals into high-performance, self-managed learning teams.