Agriculture sector is an important sector in the economy of Malaysia. During 1950s, the agricultural sector contributed about 46" of the gross domestic product (GDP) and 80.3" of the employment. Malaysia has a land area of 33.03 million ha with about 31" of it being arable. Agriculture is one of the main landuse in Malaysia and has been a significant contributor to economic development of the country as a source of food, employment, export earner, and raw materials for agro-based industries. Agriculture sector in Malaysia can be divided into plantation subsector and smallholders subsector. Malaysian agriculture landuse has been dominated by perennial plantation crops, led by oil palm, followed by rubber, cocoa, pepper, and tobacco. The floriculture industry has contributed significantly to the agricultural sector giving a net value of RM290 million in 2010, which is about 0.15" of GDP. This includes cut flowers, orchids, and nonorchids for the domestic and export markets.