To build a structure especially an affordable high-rise building with high load, proper design of the foundation system is crucial. If inadequate consideration is given to this structural element, to save the cost, then rehabilitation and renovation cost would be huge in future. The design life of these structures is 100 years and due to infrequent seismic and tsunami activity in this region has forced developers to move to a green and sustainable solution for a long time. In this situation, pile or raft-pile combination would be the best solution, but the cost of the first one would force it to an unaffordable category. Thus to have a sustainable and economic foundation, the pile is the most suitable form of foundation for the affordable and green building. Pile foundation is designed by using finite element software and local soil properties. Results of displacement for single and double pile under structural load is evaluated using the different length of pile i.e., 10m, 13m, 20m, 30m, and 55m. The results show that the displacement decrease along with longer pile provided. Economic and sustainable appraisals are made to determine the cost and sustainability of the pile foundation.