The issue of sustainability in construction is crucial because the need for construction is always on the rise, specifically residential projects when population is on a constant rise. Annual growth in population demanded need for more housing but careful consideration would be necessary to ensure that other environmental needs had been adhered to as well. Forestry requires preservation and development now also caters for agriculture as most agricultural activities had shifted into enclosed buildings. Therefore, in the growing requirement for construction activities, the more pressing is the need to reduce construction waste. Thus, the practice of waste management. Even though residential projects generate minimal amount of construction waste, the aim should be zero waste. In order to decide on a most appropriate waste management practice, there should be a diagnosis of the situation at hand. At present, the Malaysian construction industry is still lacking information on waste generated from its activities because there is not yet implementation of a standard or regulation for documenting and disposing such wastes. However, there had been researches conducted on the matter with regards to Klang Valley and Penang. When all is said and done, legislation would be the sole component to ensure that Malaysian construction industry stakeholders will put to practice a good waste management structure.