Soil classification aims to communicate differences in soils that develop due to the influence of climate, topography and organisms on parent material over time. The use of organic fertilizers offer greater benefit regarding the build-up of soil organic matter than inorganic fertilizers. South Africa is bordered by the Indian Ocean, with its warm Agulhas current on the east coast, and the Atlantic Ocean, with its cold Benquela current, on the west coast. In general, conversion of natural to agroecosystems and ploughing leads to a rapid loss in soil quality, whereas, after the re-establishment of perennial cultures, soils may recover. Several studies on temporal changes in soil properties with land-use change have been performed in three agroecosystems close to Harrismith, Kroonstad and Tweespruit in the Free State Province of South Africa. The characteristics of the sites are given by I. Lobe et al.