Composting is a microorganism-mediated process that uses microbes to artificially promote the conversion of biodegradable organic matter to humus-like products. Primary substrates and additives are two main constituents of a composting mix, and the key to making great compost is the right mixture of ingredients. Mineral additives have proved to be a practical method to deal with disadvantages associated with traditional composting. In order to accelerate composting processes, improve compost quality, and reduce the potential environmental risks, various parameters should be adjusted to optimal conditions and monitored during the composting process. Pile temperature is a parameter for monitoring composting processes. The moisture of the compost pile is another factor that significantly affects microorganism activities. Composting methods can be generally divided into anaerobic compost and aerobic compost. According to the complexity of technology and usage, composting methods are divided into windrow, static pile, and reactor system.